A personal favorite of mine (After I’ve learned the way to play it, that is), Freecellsolitaire is extremely unlike most solitaire games. As an example, all its cards are dealt face-up and there are open cells where you’ll reserve cards. To not mention, if you are doing everything right, it’s very rare to encounter a game that’s impossible to unravel.

Freecell Online

The chances of getting an unsolvable one are actually 8 out of 1,000,000 – that’s just 0.0008%!Compare that with the share of unsolvable games for other sorts of solitaire games, which is between a whopping 10 to 30% (rough estimate but you get the idea). But in fact, this also means if you can’t seem to unravel a FreeCell game, then it’s likely you’re doing something wrong – there’s no blaming the computer-generated game at this point!

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