Featuring many similarities with Golf and region solitaire, Tripeaks earned its name thanks to its special card layout. The layout is essentially consisted of three triangles of overlapped, face-down cards and one row of face-up cards at rock bottom, hence, the term “tripeaks”.

Tripeaks online

the sport was developed by Robert Hogue in 1989 after he did a series of statistical analysis on his computer, showing that his game is solvable 90% of the timeUnlike Spider or Freecell solitaire, Tripeaks isn’t included within the default entertainment pack and is instead included in Microsoft’s subsequent Entertainment Packs (there are 4 packs in total), which incorporates other gameslike WordZap, Fuji Golf, and TicTactics. This might explain why the sport isn’t as popular because the previous two games, but it’s earned its place within the spotlight nevertheless by being such a joy to play!

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